It's the One Day Sale!

You will never have better savings on Senior Sessions than right now! You can save up to 75% off session fees during our One Day Sale, Call 412-833-4543 on May 1st between 10am and 6pm. Schedule your session for any date through August 31st.

Sessions will be discounted as follows:

The Mini Session - Now $18    Regular Price $75

Studio Session - Now $35     Regular Price $135

The Mini Outdoor Session - Now $35    Regular Price $115

The DeLuxe Outdoor Session - Now $65     Regular Price $225

The Great Outdoors Session - Now $145    Regular Price $325

The City Session Now $395    Regular Price $495

Our very popular Indoor/Outdoor Combo sessions are on sale and listed below!

The Mini-Mini Session - Now $49    Regular Price $179

The Mini-DeLuxe Session - Now $79     Regular Price $278

The Studio-Mini Session - Now $69    Regular Price $239

The Studio-DeLuxe Session Now $99     Regular Price $338

The Studio-Great Outdoors Session Now $175    Regular Price $428

The Studio-City Session Now $415    Regular Price $581


We will assist in choosing the right session for you when you call. All sessions require a $100 deposit to hold your date and time. The session fee will be taken from the $100. Any amount left over will be applied toward your future order.

The YBO session is not discounted with this sale.

You have read all the way to the bottom! Here is your bonus: You can call before the sale starts and get ahead of everyone else! In fact, we recommend it!