Our sessions let you do unlimited looks within your time period. Most people can get 4-5 looks per hour. If you have booked an in/out session and it should rain that day we will photograph inside that day and reschedule the outside part for another day.

Our Clothing Recommendations  

Check your school’s yearbook guidelines, some schools are rather strict about this.

* Bring a suit coat or dress shirt and tie for your formal class portrait. You don’t have to wear the entire suit (just the jacket .) 

* Band uniforms, sports uniforms and gear, jerseys, class ring, letterman jacket, golf clubs, fishing pole. What ever your interests are, bring them.

Bring a variety of colors and styles, don’t just bring 4 blue tee shirts. 

Give us Props! 

Bring props that help define who you are. Popular choices are: Sports equipment, medals, uniforms, music instruments ( tuba to guitar), etc If you plan on bringing a pet, please let us know ahead of time.

Remember to shave. Don’t worry about blemishes. Retouching will take care of your problem areas.

Many of our seniors take a little time to study our web site to see what sort of backdrops we have and outdoor locations we go to. Often, they already have a ‘game plan’ for what they want to wear for different locations, backdrops etc.
When you arrive, we will look over everything you’ve brought and make our recommendations. 

We always gladly accept your input!