What are sessions like at Techniques Photography?

Glad you asked :)  Portrait sessions at Techniques are always a relaxed, fun & enjoyable experience. You are never rushed through your session like you would be at those 'chain-stores'. We are here to help you create great memories that you will cherish forever. That all starts with you having a great experience during your session.

What about little children?

The very first thing we do is let them relax a little. They can play with their toys so they can have some fun and get used to the environment. Once they are settled in and we have everything ready to go in the camera room, we see what happens. Sometimes they require a lot of patience and we're always willing to give them the time and space they need to 'get ready for their close-up.' We always schedule plenty of time for children sessions, so you'll never feel rushed. The more relaxed everyone is, the better your portraits will turn out.

What if we're just not happy?

If you are not happy, we can schedule another session at no cost to you, or we will refund your money - every last penny - with no questions asked and no hard feelings either.

Can you tell us more about our Viewing Appointment?

Absolutely. About a week after your session, we will schedule your Viewing Appointment. This is where you will get to see all of your portraits projected on the big screen, far larger than any proofs or online viewing could allow. We will assist you in making all of your ordering decisions at that time. It is good to have a few ideas of what sizes you will want to display at home, at the office and to give as gifts to grandparents etc.

Can we see them online?

Unfortunately we have found that online viewing just doesn't work for this. The images you see are so small that you can barely see everyone's faces and expressions. Plus, all of our images are color-balanced to match our system and rarely match anyone elses.

Please call if you have any further questions. We are always happy to help.